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  • A passion for horror fiction drives us

    We love horror novels and short stories, which is why we aim to provide the best of the best to all of our fellow horror lovers. We also have a huge selection of fiction and non-fiction in other genres, so you can expand your tastes as much as you like.

  • The scariest texts

    animaflor.net gives you all the multimedia you need. Yes, we have great eBooks, but we also all the movies, games, and music that you love, as well. There is no site that offers such a huge library of multimedia for such a low price. Browse and find a brand new favorite in minutes!

  • So much more than a horror fiction site

    Worried about ethical entertainment? Rest assured that all Animaflor titles have been licensed and are completely legal. All your information will be kept safe on secure servers to ensure that your security isn’t breached.